ChocoSol’s roots may be cacao, but coffee is an integral part of our work.


We source our shade-grown coffee from three communities in Oaxaca, Mexico: the Tierra Blanca, Xanica, and Zacatepec communities. Our coffee is direct-trade, meaning we work in a reciprocal and communal relationship with the producers to ensure ecologically sustainable and ethical practices throughout the coffee supply chain. We pay above Fairtrade prices and ensure an equitable wage goes directly to the producers and their communities. Through direct coffee purchasing, ChocoSol directly supports approximately 200 families across the three communities. Some producers are new to the ChocoSol family, while we have been working with others for over 30 years.

ChocoSol works with a social enterprise coffee processing plant in Oaxaca to consolidate, provide quality control, and export the green coffee beans to Canada via boat and rail, making it one of the lowest food-mile coffees in Canada. Here in Toronto, our coffee is roasted fresh weekly by Classic Gourmet Coffee, one of the lowest emission and most ecological coffee roasters in Canada. Many of our coffee deliveries to retailers, markets, and events are pedal-powered; and we’d be happy to grind your coffee in-house on our famous bike grinder.

Last but not least- our coffee makes a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee for you to enjoy! Try our coffee on its own or in a delicious chocolate + coffee Mayan Mocha. 

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