Drinking Chocolate

ChocoSol drinking chocolate is one of our favourite symbolic invitations and is inspired by the flavours and food traditions of Southern Mexico. It is a frothy, full-flavoured and refreshing drink that can be served hot or cold!


Come by our booth at one of our farmers’ markets or at our store for a prepared drink, or take home the packaged pucks to enjoy at home.

To make a full-bodied, rich drinking chocolate or mocha, simply blend 1/4 of a drinking chocolate puck with one cup of hot water, coffee, or hot liquid of your choice. We recommend blending for at least 30-40 seconds to get a deliciously airy, frothy, refreshing drink! For tips on preparing our drinking chocolate please refer to this short video


Xocolatl (70% cacao)

Xocolatl means “bitter water” and was integral to culture in ancient Mesoamerica. This chocolate is pure roasted cacao – simple and delicious!

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao nibs, raw organic cane sugar





Vanilla Choco-latte (70% cacao)

Whole vanilla pods are paired alongside bitter cacao tannins to form this delicious concoction that is enjoyed by all ages!

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao nibs, raw vanilla pods, organic cane sugar





Aztec Blood (70% cacao)

This spicy drink honours the sacred and traditional fusion of chillies and cacao. We grind achiote to add flavour and a beautiful red hue that gives this chocolate its crimson colour and provocative name.

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao, raw organic cane sugar, achiote, chillies




Oaxacan Cinnamon (70% cacao)

Forest garden cinnamon is ground into this traditional drinking chocolate to create an authentic taste of Oaxaca. Cinnamon warms the body and helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao, raw organic cane sugar, cinnamon bark





Mayan Mocha

We want to make it easy to enjoy our famous mochas at home.  This combo deal pairs a 1lb bag of our organic, shade-grown Oaxacan coffee with a single puck of our classic Xocolatl drinking chocolate.